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Sorry for my absence

Hi again, I am so sorry for not posting all of last year. Truth is that I had started writing heaps of stories I just never got round to finishing them :(
So I will get back to them and keep writing ASAP :)

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Naruto Dog training Final

First of I would just like to say thank you to anyone who has posted a comment about my writing. It means a lot to me and I thank you all for it. I will try to make an effort to post more stories faster so stay tuned :)

Naruto lay on the medical table worried, in pain, erect and tearing.
"How the fuck did I get myself into this? I just want to go home."
Naruto heard footsteps coming from down the hallway.
"PLEASE BE KIBA!" He thought.

"Hey kid Im back! and I found us another play thing."
Roinku moved over to the table and pulled of Naruto's blindfold.
Slung over his shoulder was Kiba.
"Nooo he is caught too!?" Muffled Naruto.
"Aww were you two a little couple having fun. Oh well now I get to have fun."

The big man easily pulled over another heavy medical table. Pushing it beside Naruto.
He slung Kiba over the table. Kiba was unconscious.
"Now lets see what we have here."
He gripped Kiba's shirt with both hands and ripped it open revealing Kiba's nicely toned chest.
"Now lets see what doggie boy here has in his pants."
He pulled of Kiba's shoes throwing them across the room.
He then yanked down Kiba's pants and underwear.
His thick penis flopped to the side.
"NICE! Hey kid look at your buddy here his dick is pretty much twice the size of your tiny little prick."
He proceeded to tie up Kiba to the table and blindfolding him.
He moved back over to Naruto.
"How is this thing of yours going?"
He gripped Naruto's balls tugging on them and digging his nails into them.
Naruto writhed in pain.
Roinku let go and moved over the the other end of the catheter. He took the pipe and stuck it around a nearby tap. He turned it on and immediately Naruto could feel his bladder begin to fill up with water. He wanted to pee.
The tap was turned off. Roinku moved over to Naruto and pulled out the catheter squeezing his penis to stop any water coming out.
Naruto needed to pee really badly, but he couldn't, because of his penis's erect state, the muscles in his body wouldn't allow for the urine to move through.
The big burly man moved back over to Kiba to check if he was awake yet.
He grabbed Kiba's huge hairy balls and squeezed them tightly. Kiba woke with a jolt.
"AHHH, What's going on whats happening?" He shouted.
"Your being tortured and fucked kid. Now enjoy it." Was Roinku's reply.
He pushed a gag made of cloth into Kiba's mouth.
He unhooked Kiba's legs holding them fast. Kiba began to struggle, kicking his leg.
The big man used his special Jutsu to paralyze his legs.
He then lifted Kiba's limp legs and thrust his ten incher right into Kiba's hole.
Kiba bit down on the gag.
Roinku just smirked slyly.
"Whats the matter that big thick dick of yours doesn't seem to like this. Lets pep him up a little bit."
Roinku blew his load into Kiba and quickly pulled out, still erect. He moved over to the table and brought out a back massager. He turned it on and held it against Kiba's bulbous penis head.
He almost instantly became erect.
He lay the massager against Kiba's penis keeping it up. He then thrust his monster back into Kiba's leaking hole and began to thrust while stroking Kiba's dick.
In almost no time Kiba blew his load shooting it up over Roinku's face.
The monster of a man then leaned over and began to suck on the dogs dick. It hurt so much because he hadnt even finished having his orgasm.
Then when Roinku finally blew his load again he pulled out.
"Ahh my monster is finally going down."
He went back over to Naruto.
"One more thing before I leave."
He stroked Naruto off ferociously until he blew his watery load.
His cum was bright blue because of the liquid that was injected into his balls earlier.
He came but was still hard. He still needed to pee.
"Alright now I think I am done for today."
The giant monster of a man after cumming three times was finally satisfied.
Ill keep you two for later though.
Roinku used his Paralysis Jutsu on both boys and released them from the table's.
He picked them up effortlessly and moved both of them to a jail cell. He tied hand cuffs around their arms and tied a rope around the boys scrotum's connecting the two boys together.
"Alright Im gonna go and sleep now." Roinku Yawned.
He pushed Naruto's ninja needle back down into his erect penis. Locked the jail door and left, vanishing into the darkness.
It was some time before the boys could feel their bodies again.
They sat their looking at one another.
Naruto managed to spit out his gag.
"Lets get the fuck outta here."
He whispered.
Using his mouth to pull out Kiba's gag.
"The needle in my shaft. We can use it to lock pick the handcuffs."
Kiba, hesitated and leaned over and slowly pulled out the needle from Naruto's shaft. It burnt but Naruto bared it by biting his lip.
Kiba finally got it out and shuffled around Naruto being careful not to tense the string connecting their balls.It took a few minutes but skilfully Kiba managed to unlock Naruto's handcuffs.
Naruto took the needle and used it to unlock Kiba's handcuffs.
When they were both free they an tied their sore balls.
"Now how do we get out of here?" Asked Kiba.
"Easy." Naruto built up his strength and used his Rasengahn to blow open the barred cell window.
"Well lets quickly escape."
"We will grab something, quickly come on."
Both boys jumped out the window naked.
Thankfully for them the big hairy Roinku was sleeping happily on an old bed deep inside the jail.
The two boys managed to find some rags and pulled them around their bodies.
They had lost their cloths and whatever was left of their innocence and verginity, but had escaped with their lives and balls. And for Naruto an erection.
They managed to make it back to Naruto's house got changed and just slept for the rest of the day trying to forget the fear they had experienced.
Naruto's erection thankfully faltered and he could use the bathroom later that night.

The two quickly forgot their ordeal and were re leaved when Roinku was captured and put into intense solitary.


Yay I finally finished it :) Now I have to go back and finish some other stories and then start writing some new ones :)
Thank you for all your support and I look forward to writting more.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Naruto doggie training part 3

Naruto sat there in without vision, cold, naked and vulnerable in the middle of an old abandoned prison. Naruto had now recovered from the pain which Kiba had caused to his balls. So he sat there in silence, blind and waiting patiently for him to return.

Then Naruto heard foot steps echoes through the Jail. "Kiba!" He muffled into his gag.
Little did Naruto know that the foot steps were coming from behind him deeper inside the prison.
Heavy foot steps which he didn't recognize.
It was coming closer and closer, he began to get worried.
Little did he know that the footsteps belonged to someone he had never met before. A former prisoner who had been using the abandoned jail as his hideout.
He was a large 6'' 6 buff and burly man. He was in his early 30s and was an outlaw of the hidden leaf village. He was locked up for rape. He had a full body dusting of thick curly black hair and had a beard much like that of Asumas.
His Name was Roinku.
"Ahh man now I gotta go out and find some frigging animal to eat. Why cant I just stay sleeping here."
A jolt went through Naruto's body. "SHIT ITS NOT KIBA!!!!"
Naruto heard him coming closer and closer.
He rounded the corner.
"Well well well, what do we have here? A little boy tied up in my prison. You must be one kinky little shit, and daring to come here."
Roinku moved over to Naruto to examine him.
Naruto nearly fainted out of fear.
"Lets see, wow kid you must have had some fun haha."
Roinku came over and squatted in front of Naruto to examine him further.
He reached out a hand and flicked Naruto's penis, still with rod inserted. Causing him to flinch.
"You know what kid, I havnt fucked somebody in months and I havnt even touched my dick in a week, so this kinda makes me horny."
Naruto was sweating.
Roinku took the blindfold off so that Naruto could see eye to eye with the large man.
"Im Roinku, I am an ex prisoner of this jail, I was put in here for violent rape. Of Woman, men and children. You see Im a horny fuck,and when i wanna fuck, I wanna fuck, I dont care weather its a man or a woman, as long as I can have some fun. Since you so kindly tied yourself up here in my territory, I consider you my fuck toy. Got that!. Now Im gonna have some fun with you. And if you dont like it, too fucking bad. Oh If you try to bite me, strike back at me or escape these balls of yours. He gripped Naruto's testicles and squeezed them tightly causing him to squint his eyes in pain. If you do any of those things, your balls are as good as gone, got it?!"
Naruto nodded. "Good,lets start then, dinner can wait Im gonna get some ass. "

Naruto had never been this afraid in his entire life, but knew that he had to do what this man was saying. Roinku put the blindfold back over Naruto's eyes.
Roinku stood up backing away from Naruto. He unlatched all his Armour letting it fall to the ground. Then he unzipped his jacket and took of his padding, revealing his amazing, chiseled chest, with its coating of black fur.
He kicked of his shoes and proceeded to pull down his pants and boxers. leaving him naked. Only clothed by his black furr running down his chest and around his big 10 inch dick and his heavy egg sized balls.
He moved over to Naruto and pulled of his blindfold. He stepped back and strutted a bit of a pose.
"Just wanted to show ya what's gonna be doing ya for the next while, o and check this out."
He reached down and grabbed his flaccid dick.
"Its 6 inches now but give it time and it goes out to about 10. Hope you can handle it. I mean its hell bigger then your little prick."
He reached down and pulled out the rod in Naruto's now flaccid penis.
It burnt Naruto's entire shaft.
"Ill save this, I can maybe use it a bit later." He smiled.
He put Naruto's blindfold back over his eyes.
Roinku began to stroke his dick a bit to try and pep it up.
" Hmmm I know ill get little fagot to do this for me."
He pulled out Naruto's boxer gag.
"Alright kid your gonna suck my dick. If you even think about biting it your balls will be flattened got it." He roughly stomped his foot onto Naruto's scrotum.
"Got it fagot!"
"Yeah.."Naruto managed.
He pushed his dick into Naruto's mouth. Still with his foot squashing his balls.
His dick started to grow fast and Naruto couldn't fit it in his mouth anymore.
"Deep thought boy, deep thought."
Naruto sucked his to incher almost all the way in, choking and gagging on it.
"Alright thats it for now, its up."
" Now before we continue, Im gonna make you a more fitting fuck puppet."
He walked over to his jacket and pulled out a Kunahi knife.
"Alright now dont move or your dick is gone, got it!"
He began to shave off Naruto's pubes.
"There all done, aww it makes yor little prick look like a baby dick. HAHA."
He undid Naruto's restraints, now I wanna blow so here we go. He lifted Naruto up by his shoulders easily.
"O yer so you cant move. Sherengato. He poked Naruto's spine sending a surge of chakra through, rendering his limbs temporarily, immobile. Now your my puppet."
He held Naruto around his waist and plunged his ten incher deep into Naruto's bowels. And began to fuck him as if he were nothing more then a sex toy.
"Your nice and tight boy, Your gonna make me bl.... blow."
He erupted into Naruto, filling his stomach with his seed.
Naruto began to feel a sigh of releaf, this torment was gonna be over now and he was gonna let him go.
"Ahhh I havnt blown in a while. Dont think its over boy I have at least two litres stored in these balls of mine. Im not done yet."
Naruto felt a horrible impending sadness surge through his body.
"Alright next. Hmmm I might need a little bit more excitement. I get up by torturing my victims. Come lets go."
Slinging Naruto over his shoulder he took him deeper into the jail and threw him onto a table of an old medical ward which was no longer being used.
Naruto had gained feeling again in his arms and legs.
Roinku quickly tied down his arms and legs, spreading him out eagle style.
"Now lets try and see what fun we can have with this little prick. I wanna know how much it can take."
He went over to a table with medical equipment after gagging Naruto again.
"Ahh we can use this."
He came back over to Naruto.
"Look kid, you dont seem to get hard real easily but this should fix that."
He took hold of Naruto's penis and pulled back his foreskin.
"This is gonna hurt kid."
He pushed a needle into the side of Naruto's penis. Making him lurch forward trying to escape his bindings.
Then when Roinku took out the needle Naruto became instantly erect.
"Its an old hormone, much like viagra but it makes you erect for about a day or two.
Now lets fill up those balls of yours."
He rapped his hands around Naruto's Scrotum and squeezed tightly. Tears ran down Naruto's eyes from the pain.
He then pulled them down and tied string tightly around the base of his balls.
He then stuck another needle into Naruto's left testicle. The pain was emence.
For about 10 seconds Naruto felt a cold liquid filling his testicle. Then the same procedure was done to the other one.
"There we are, now they are at least a bit bigger and are maybe a bit useful. I injected them with a special medical liquid, it wont harm them but will just make you cum more and will make em bigger for a while. Arnt I nice to you giving you bigger testicles."
He gave em another squeeze and a slap.
"Alright now you have a big dick and big balls we are ready to go and test you to your limits."
He stroked Naruto's penis for a bit teasingly playing with the sensory glands on Naruto's penis head. Then he proceeded to suck Naruto's dick. Naruto didnt know wether to enjoy the pleasure or to be afraid. His head was swimming and he couldn't think.
He reached orgasm and blew his load.
"That wasnt long, pathetic."
He slapped Naruto's balls again.
"O next we can try this."
He forced a catheter into Naruto's urethra.
"You know what I am hungry now, im gonna go get some food. Ill leave you here for now, ill be back in a little while."
He walked out leaving Naruto bound, blind, sore, in pain, erect, ball tied, and catheterized.
Naruto simply began to cry wishing that none of this had happened.
His only hope was that Kiba would come back and help him.

To be continued.

(This one got a little rough, I guess it was just the mood i was in :P)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Naruto doggy training

Part two of my previous story :)

It was three weeks after Naruto had his run in with Kieba and his doggy technique. He was now sitting at home bored stiff. He lay on his bed looking at the ceiling. As he began to get drowsy he found his mind wandering back to Kieba and his naked body. "Damn why the hell am I thinking about a guy?" He began to get hard. "Arg shit." He began to stroke his member under his pants until he heard a tapping at his window. He was startled but relieved that it was only a messenger bird.
He took the letter from the bird and sent it on its way. To Naruto's surprise it was a letter from Keiba. "Hey Naruto, I need your help training, no one else is available. I wanna try and perfect my doggy style jutsu but cant on my own, meet me down in the abandoned jail, there is lots of room to practice in there. See you soon." Naruto jumped at the chance. He was immediately out the door.

He arrived at the old jail, it was dark and empty all except for Keiba who was practicing some fighting skills. "Hey Naruto, thanks for coming." Naruto looked around. "Yeah no problem....wait where is the dum dog?" "The dum dog as you say is currently training at the ninja hounds institute to learn some more ninja dog skills." "SO its just us?" "Yer, alright. Are you ready I really wanna see how effective my technique is." Keiba ate a food pellet to give him extra strength. "Now if i black out again please wake me up, that will be your job." He made the hand signs and called out "Doggy jutsu." And with a flash of light he was sitting on the ground on all fours. "Keiba can you hear me, if you can say something." Keiba was just panting and began to bite his hand. "Teehee i think he is completely gone. Sorry Keiba but where you want training i want some fun." Naruto notion ed for keiba to come to him. He did and lay on his back for some scratching. "Yes! he is completely a dog now." Naruto began to scratch his stomach which shook his leg. "Hang on doggy lets take of those annoying cloths. Naruto acting on balls alone pulled of Keibas, jacket , shirt and padded armor. He then unzipped his pants. "What a good doggie." He pulled them down and pulled them of, he then pulled down his boxers leaving the dog totely nude and exposed. "Good doggie." Naruto kept scratching him making his balls bounce around, this turned naruto on and he began to have a red rocket of his own. Naruto moved his hands, still scratching down to the dogs groin and clasped his balls in his palm. So big, he thought. He then moved his hand around Keibas penis and stroked it slowly. "Hmm lets look for something new to do." He looked around at the old jail cell and many ideas came to mind. "Follow me boy." Naruto ran over to some shackles hanging from the wall. "Paw." Keiba obediently gave Naruto his paw. He swung Keiba around and put his arm into the shackle allowing keiba to sit on the cold stone floor with his arms raised high above him in shackles. He just kept panting excitedly.
"What a good view." He slowly stroked Keiba until he became hard. He then fished his own member out of his zip and forced it into the dogs mouth. "Good doggie suck Naruto off."
Keiba obediently began to suck causing Naruto much pleasure, his legs were nearly buckling from pleasure.
Suddenly Keiba stopped. "Keep going doggie." Then he heard nothing for a minute. His penis was spat out of keiba's mouth. "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU FUCKING FAGGOTY SHIT HEAD!!!!!!!!!!" It echoed. Naruto was lost for words. He couldnt think of anything to say. "WHY THE HELL WAS YOUR DICK IN MY MOUTH AND WHY AM I NAKED AND TIED TO THE WALL!!!!"
"Keiba im sorry but but but you umped on me in ur doggy form and tried to hump me so i pinned you down and tied you to the wall to try and stop you but u wanted more so i thought id give it to you. Yer....thats what happened.

Keiba gave Naruto a blank stare. "Well I dont actualy know what i am doing in my dog form.....So my dog form may have been horny........But still that doesnt give you the right to abuse me." "Its not my fault you did the same bloody thing last ti......"
Naruto please undo the shackles so i can put my cloths back on. I will have to forgive you seeing as it was my fault."
"Thank you, thank you, if this happens again I will stop you promice." Naruto undid the shackles.
"Naruto?" "yeah?" Naruto turned around to face Keiba. Only to be punched in the face and pushed against the wall. The shackles were quickly reattatchet to narutos arms.
"Wait what are you doing?"
"Getting payback."
"You said it was ok."
"It is I ust want to have some fun, clearly you didnt mind having your tiny dick sucked so what if i pleasure it for you as payback."
"Really? Hay its not small!"
"Its not as big as mine." He pointed to his long hangling flacid cock.
"Now im gonna be a little harsher on you then you were on me, just to put you back in place. I know you are lying I know that you put me in that possition, I dont know about last time but this time, I think you should get a little payback."
"Keiba please!" Keiba stuck his boxers into narutos mouth gaging him. He unzipped Narutos jacket and cut of his shirt with his sharp nails. He pulled narutos nipples really hard. making him muffle into the gag.
He moved down and undid narutos pants pulling them and his shoes off. Then he cut of narutos orange jacket leaving him in only his boxers. Naruto had fear in his eyes being completely vulnarable to Keiba. Keiba then moved to narutos boxers and tantalizingly slowly cut through his boxers leaving him completely naked.
"Now for the payback."
Keiba picked up the torn strips of satin of narutos former boxers and grabbed his balls squeesing them a bit. He pulled them down before tying them of with the strip. He then blindfolded naruto with the rest of the material, making him even more afraid. Keiba moved down to narutos penis and gave Narutos balls a hard squeeze making him flinch. Before finifhing with a quick hard tap to his balls making him pull his legs in. Keiba ran off into the jail for several minutes, which to naruto felt like ages. He brought back an array of equipment. He had two large metal balls which he clicked onto narutos angckles. He put the heave balls against the wall pulling narutos legs appart.
"Thats better."
He then quickly hit narutos balls again with a metal bar he had found, making a jolt of pain go through his body.
"Having fun naruto?"
Naruto shook his head.
Keiba then pulled out of his pants still lying on the floor a throwing needle. He moved back over to naruto and stroked him for a bit until he got hard, he gave narutos balls a hard heavy squeeze causign naruto to almost throw up. He took narutos now erect penis and started feeding the blunt end of the needle into naruto,s penis. It burned and naruto began to stcream into the gag.
Until it was down a satisfying length Keiba stopped and began to stroke naruto again. With his foot, still leaning over naruto, he pushed it down over his balls grinding them into the concrete floor causing naruto more pain. He pulled back narutos foreskin and with his long nails ran down the head over the sensory glans causing naruto to emediately cum. With the stick in it only dribbled out the sides. However Keiba kept stroking narutos now hightly sensative glands causing naruto to scream even more.
"Like that naruto?"
His only reply was a muffled scream.
Now naruto be a good boy and stay here like this im just gonna head home and get a few things i will be about a half hour. He took mercy and untied narutos balls so that they wouldnt die. Keiba got dressed and before leaving gave naruto a hard kick in the groin causing him to lurch forward. See ya soon ok.
Naruto was left there, naked in the dark, with a pin sticking out of his penis, hands and legs tied out fully exposed. While Keiba strolled out the door.
Naruto was very scared but new he could do nothing until keiba came back.

To be continued.
THis is getting dark lol. Dont worry Keiba is still friendly and wouldnt let anything bad happen to naruto, he just wants naruto to learn not to take advantage of people :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

School buddies

Anthony lay back comfortably in his dormitory bed.
Antony went to St-Leonards Private school. It was a boarding school and he only saw his family once every few months. He stayed in his dorm room with three other guys. His best friends. Jonny, Nick and Andrew.
Anthony was not particularly good at anything but then again he wasnt bad either. he was just average. He had an average build, not fat but not muscly either. He had short curly brown hair and green eyes. His room mate Jonny was tall, muscly, hot, had dhort blonde hair and deep blue eyes, all the girls loved him. Nick was nothing special a little chubby, but very tall and had long curly blonde hair. It was his friendly personality that got him so far in life. His last friend was Andrew. He had really short brown hair and had the perfict skater build. Because he was one, a crazy, over-energized teen.

Anthony had just finished his drama rehursals which ran really late. Almost after curfew. He thought that he had come in without anyone noticing him because everyone else was playing super smash bros .
He lay there sprawled over his bed just resting and looking up at the cealing relieved that all of his schoolwork had been done and he wouldnt have to worry about anything for th enext few days.

He leaned up watching the screan as he heard the anowncer declair Kirby the victor. Nick was playing as Kirby so he had obviously won.
He went to lay back down when he heard Nick say; "Haha, I won, I beat you Jonny now u gotta go through with the deal."
This caught Anthonies attention.
"Damn you. You bastards"
Jonny had obviously come last.
He stood up and turned to face Nick and Andrew who were giggling like school girls.
Anthony was confused but was watching intently.
Jonny lowered his hands to his theighs and slowly pulled down his School pants (as they were all still wearing them) He then proceeded to pull down his boxers to reveal his uncut penis hanging above two heavy balls.
The other two laughed histerically.
"There you guys won" He pulled his pants back up and noticed that Anthony had seen their little game.
"Oh hi Anthony, when did you get back?"
He replied with a smirk.
"Do you guys always play strip smash bros when I'm not around?"
"Well, no not really me and Nick were just daring eachother and being stupid. But I guess we do sometimes play stupid games like this."
"why do you not play them when I'm arrowned, scared Ill tell the teacher or something?" He laughed.
Andrew jumped in.
"Well we just never thought that you would be into the whole humiliation game thing...You can play if you want" Andrew said wit a big cheesy grin on his face.
"Alright then, Ill play, whats first another round of strip brawl?"
"Whay, whay, whait a minute. you cant just join in lke that." Jonny said winking at Nick. "You have to go through an induction first to make sure you can handle the embarasment hehe."
"Are you up for that?" Nick said.
Anthony nodded.
"Good" the boys all said.
"Alright lets start then." Andrew said as he picked up a long strip of black cloth.
He moved over to Anthony, who was still sitting on his bead.
Anthony was puzzled.
"Now" someone yelped.
Nick and Jonny both jumped on Anthony pinning him on his bed. He faught back but couldnt do anything against the tall boys who were holding him down.
Andrew leaned over ANthony looking him in the eyes and said. "Have fun."
He blind folded Anthony with the black strip of cloth.
Then Someone put a gag in his mouth, it tasted of sweat, he guessed that it was someones boxers because it was so soft.
The bigger boys manouvered him so that they could pull of and unbutton his shirt. He tried to protest but couldnt. They then tied his hands behind his back.
He then felt someone fidling witht the buttons of his pants. he started to squirm but couldnt do anything as they pulled down his pants leaving him in only his boxers. He then felt someones warm fingers slide under his boxers and pull them down. leaving Anthony naked and exposed to his friends.
"Not bad" Nick said."Not as big as mine though."
His arms were unbound but quickly rebound to the headboard of the bed and his legs were grabbed and spread eagled and tied to his bed.
"what should we do to him?" Said Andrew.
"Lets just have fun and do whatever" Said Jonny.
He felt someones hands roughling his pubic hair. He felt other hands stroking along his inner theighs.
He then felt a hand close firmly around his penis. A jolt of pleasure shot through him.
Whoever it was slowly, torturingly slowly pulled his foreskin back and roughly, without lubricant moved their palm around his head. Causing great sensations to shoot through his body and make his penis instantly hard. It grew to about 6.5 inches.
Someone began to stroke it and then he felt, what felt like a toung tickly his peehole. He had no idea who was doing what but he was starting to enjoy it.
"Know what? I reckon he would look better without pubic hair." He heard andrew say. He shook his head but was ignored as he felt shaving cream being rubbed over his groin, his penis and his balls. And slowly bit by bit the razor shaved away his pubes leaving him sooth.
"Thats much better." Said Nick.
He felt someone fondling and playing with his balls bouncing them around in his hands.The hands then enclosed on them squeezing a bit. They were then tugged down and string was tied around them binding them away from his body.
He then felt a firm fist mashing its way into his balls. It was painfull but pleasurable at the same time. While this was happening his dick was being sucked. Somones finger had also found its way into his tight hole and was now pressing on his prostate, he instantly blew his load.
HE thought yes its over now, My innitiation is done.

But then he heard them say "Were not quite done yet."

Come back another day for the rest of the story :P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Naruto (Kiba's new jutstu)

It was a bright and sunny day in the Hidden Leaf village. Only problem was that it had been raided the day before and some precious, historical scrolls had been stolen from the village.
A tracker team made up of Naruto, Kiba, Shino and Shikimaru had been sent to retrieve the scrolls.
They had been using Kiba's unique ability to track scents and Shino's insects to find the thieves.
Akamaru had stayed at the leaf Village to help train a new squadron of ninja hounds how to behave and act.
"I'm losing the scent." Called Kiba to the group following in the treetops.
"Damnit I've lost them!"
"Its ok we can still use the bugs to track them down." Replied Shino in a neutral tone.
"Its not that Im supposed to be the best tracking ninja in the village and Ive lost them." Replied kiba angrilly.
The group stopped and dropped to the forest floor.
"Its ok Kiba" Said Shikimaru.
"I may still be able to redeem my title. I have this new animal jutstu that I've been working on."
"Cool show us." Said Naruto hastily.
"The jutst makes me more like a dog then ever before, meaning that it will make my sences 10 times sharper, I will act and think like a dog. The jutsu lasts for around 30 minutes so we should be able to get them by then." Kiba looked at everyone with a determined face.
"Alright here goes."
Kiba made the apropriate hand signs and called out.
"Super canine incarnation jutsu!"
A puff of smoke came from around Kiba.
When it cleared he was on all fours and sniffing the ground, he lunged out and ran into the bush on all fours.
Everyone ran after him.
"Wow this new jutsu may actualy work." Said Shikimaru in a suprised tone.
Finally they cought up to Kiba.
"Did he find them?" Said Naruto bringing up the rear.
"WHAT THE....?" Said Naruto looking at Kiba suprised.
He was standing on all fours and in his mouth he heald a ball, much like one used in sports.
He walked over to Naruto dropped the slobbery ball at his feet and sat down like a dog would, panting.
"Kiba?" Asked Naruto.
"Woof, woof!"
"Oh no his jutsu worked too well now he is exactly like a dog for at least a half hour, he is no use to us like this. Someone will have to stay with him while we wait for him to act human again and the other two will keep chasing down the thieves." Said Shikimaru anoyed.
"Naruto can stay with him." Said Shino. "And before you ask why, its because Shikimaru is the team leader and I am the only one still capable of tracking the thieves. Plus he seems to have taken a liking to you Naruto." Finishing his monotone joke.
"Fine." Naruto said crossing his arms.
Shino and Shikimaro were off continuing their chase.
"Come on boy, guess we better find somewhere to wait."
"Ruff, ruff."
Naruto and Kiba found a nice big, shallow lake, surrounded by trees. Naruto sat under one of the trees and threw the ball for Kiba.
"Why did ya have to go and turn yourself into a dog? Dumbass."
He just got a happy, slobery "Ruff" as a reply.
"Stupid dog."
Naruto dosed off in the shade of the tree.
He woke up a few minutes later to find Kiba sitting next to him, covered in dirt and animal dropings.
Nuruto jumped back clutching his nose.
Kiba lowered his head to the ground and whimpered like a puppy, Looking at Naruto with giant eyes.
"Arg I guess we gotta wash you up before the other two get back, or before you turn back to normal."
Naruto lead Kiba to the lake side.
He took of his shirt and pants so that he was only in his green boxers. So he couldnt get his cloths wet.
Naruto told Kiba to sit.
He took off his smelly jacket and undershirt and washed them in the river using stones to wipe away all the fecal matter.
He lay the cloths on a rock directly in the sunlight.
"Now for your pants. Boy this is gonna be wierd."
Naruto Gently pushed Kiba onto his back, he put his legs up in the air like a dog notioning for its stomuch to be rubbed.
He used this to his advantage quickly pulling of his shoes, he thre them near the rock.
Naruto them pulled down his pants only to discover that Kiba didnt wear underwear.
"Oh great" Naruto said sarcasticaly rolling his eyes.
He washed his pants as Kiba played in the water and put them over the rock.
"Alright now we have to wash you I guess, you still smell."
Naruto took some leaves from the trees and mushed them up mixing them with the water and making natural soap.
He held down Kiba, with his tung hanging out of the side of his mouth.
He washed Kiba's back and then under his arms, his legs and then looking away and being carefull washed aroung his groin area.
"There, all done, you dont smell anymore."
"WOOF!" Kiba barked happily and headbutted Naruto making him fall over into the water.
"ARG Stupid dog! now I have to take of my boxers, thankfully I took my pants off before I got into the water, and I can use my shirt as a towel.
Naruto walked over to his cloths with the still naked Kiba following him on all fours.
Kiba sat behind Naruto watching him.
He bent over pulling down his boxers exposing his arse to Kiba.
He threw them asside and used his black shirt to dry himself off. First his hair, then his upper body, his groin and arse. All while the puzzled dog began to get a red rocket.
Naruto bent over to dry his legs and feet when Kiba "the dog" lashed forward, no longer containing his doggy inhabitions.
His hands wrapped around Naruto's stomoch and he stood on his hind legs and stuck his penis deep into Naruto's hole fucking him.
Naruto was shocked.
"What the hell!?"
He spn around pushing Kiba away from him. Kiba landed back on all fours with his tung hanging out.
Naruto looked down and saw his raging hard-on.
Kiba lay down and rolled onto his back showing his belly to Naruto, notioning him to scratch it.
Naruto angered and shocked thought to himself that it was just the dog instincts and that it was not what it seemed. So he moved forward and sat next to Kiba.
He began scratching Kiba's stomoch moving across his hard abs.
It made his leg kick just like a real dog.
Naruto gigled looking at his leg, and his smiling dog like face.
Naruto then looked back down at Kiba's stomoch and noticed that his hard on hadnt gone down yet but was instead growing by the shaking of his leg.
Naruto was lost for a moment looking at Kiba's big uncut penis of 7 inches and his great big heary balls which hung down low.
Naruto then noticed himself getting hard.
Oh no.
he stopped scratching Kiba and moved back over to the cover of the tree.
"It would be bad if someone saw us. I better get rid of mine so we can get dressed again."
Naruto began stroking his 6 incher and fonding his balls.
Kiba rolled back onto his legs looking at the boy pounding his meat.
He came closer sniffing Naruto's penis.
He then looked at Naruto's balls jumping up and down.
Naruto then shot his load onto the grass. Panting he slid down onto his bottum with his eyes closed and his hands to his sides.
Next thing her knew Kiba's tung began lapping up the sperm left on naruto's sensative penis.
"Arg. ha, he gasped. Thats good"
Wihtout noticing he became erect once more.
"Oh no. Damn it. "He tried to push Kiba away but only missed and bumped Kiba's penis.
Kiba jerked back and moaned softly.
"I know if I can get Kiba off then he will leave me alone."
He leaned around Kiba laping at his cock and grabbed Kiba's Penis.
He moaned again, Naruto continued to stroke it.
"You like that dont you?"
He cradled his big egg sized balls in his hands while he stroke Kiba.
In responce Kiba completely swollowed up Naruto's penis taking it all in and deep throwting it.
"Ahhh. Good Boy." He moaned.
Eventualy Naruto exploded into Kiba's mouth and Kiba blew his load.
They both lay down next to eachother panting.
Naruto got a nice good look at Kiba's jeweles for the first time.
It was really hairy and very big, his eggsized balls hung down low and his penis drapped across them.
"Wow he has a really nice dick." Naruto thought to himself.
I hope mine will grow ito a moster like that.
O well we better get dressed.
Naruto washed his hands, his penis and Kibas penis and put on Kiba's and his own cloths.
Just in time too. Kiba snapped out of it five minutes after he got dressed.
"What the hell just happened? Did I black out?"
"o you used your animal jutsu and u have bee actig like a dog for the laft half hour."
"Damn it! I thought that I perfected it, I will have to trai some more."
"I can help you when you train with this technique." Said Naruto giggling.
"Sure I could use all the help with this jutsu."
"We better head back to the Leaf Village, I wonder if the other two got the thieves.?" Said Naruto.
"Yer we better head you smell.... sper... ever mind, I must be imagioning things."
And with that the two headed back to the hidden leaf village.
Naruto kept giggleing the whole way.

To Be Continued.

I like this story and want to see where it goes mabie something will happen while training :P

Friday, August 28, 2009

Spirited away part 2

"What are you serious your not gonna stop till u cum? Hmm interesting but ok."
Kenpachi lay back on the ground, his feet still dangling in the water , his penis still in ichigo's hand.
"Im done for now kid but u can play with me all you like, until u cum."
Kenpachi closed his eyes and relaxed.
"Alright then" Ichigo said with a smirk and began to stroke the mans soft penis.
It wasnt going up at all.
"Ill have to try a different approach, I like having power over Kenpachi's body and I wanna see just what I can do before I come."
Ichigo lent over the big mans body and picked up one of the mans heavy, hairy balls and slowly slipped it into his mouth. He sucked on it like a giant jaw breaker.
"Aww shit kid! Thats nice" Kenpachi roared.
Ichigo spat out his ball and began to lick his way up the flacid penis until he reached the head. He pulled back the foreskin and licked the head.
Kenpachi jerked a bit and his penis began to rise again.
Ichigo put the mans penis into his mouth and began sucking it while swirling the head with his tounge.
But when it got too hard he had to stop or else choke.
He sat back and pondered what he could do next.
Kenpachi wasnt too happy.
"Dont tell me ya don kid, i was just startin to like that."
Ichigo had an idea.
He lent over and pulled the still floating fundoshi strips out of the water.
He grabbed ahold of the mans heavy balls and pulled them down a bit, he then tied them up with the strip and pulled tightly. His balls were now extruded far from his body, shining brightly in the moonlight.
"Whow kinky kid, I like it!" He lay back down again.
Ichigo then held Kenpachis testicles in one hand so that they didnt move and started to punch them at a level which was painfull but not damaging.
"ARR, ARRR!" The man shook with every fist.
"Wow kid, arr you love torturing me dontcha."
Ichigo lent over and grabbed his fundoshi and moved towards the mans arms, he pulled them over his head and tied them up with his fundoshi. Now he had complete controll over the mamoth of a man.
"Im lovin this kid." Ichigo still round his head region shoved his penis into the still talking mans mouth and demanded. "Suck slave!".
He sucked and sucked but before Ichigo went he pulled out to prevent that, he wanted to prolong his fun.
He stood up and walked over to his bathroom suplies bag which he had packed before coming to the spirit world.
He pulled out a razor and some shaving cream.
He rubbed the cream on the mans extruding balls and penis, ticking him while doing so.
He then got his razor and slowly, patch for patch he sheered of the mamoths fur. In some was ichigo felt like he was demasculating the hulk of a man.
Kenpachi didnt care he just enjoyed the stimulation.
When ichigo finished he splashed some water over the mans groin and proveeded with slapping the mans now hairles shiny balls.
He kept punching the mans nads till he forcefully shot a load of cum from his brused balls.
Ichigo scooped it up and moved over to the mans mouth and slowly dripped it in. He lapped it up like a kitten.
Ichigo then spun the mans body over and shoved his manhood into the mans warm arse.
Kenpachi didnt expect that.
Ichigo kept going thrusting till he cummed into the man.
"There all done" said Ichigo.
After unting the man they just lay there looking at the stars.
Kenpachi spoke.
"Man that was good, you do reolise that next time u get to be my slave."
The man smiled and grabbed the boys penis playfully.
They laughed staring into the starry sky.