Saturday, October 3, 2009

Naruto (Kiba's new jutstu)

It was a bright and sunny day in the Hidden Leaf village. Only problem was that it had been raided the day before and some precious, historical scrolls had been stolen from the village.
A tracker team made up of Naruto, Kiba, Shino and Shikimaru had been sent to retrieve the scrolls.
They had been using Kiba's unique ability to track scents and Shino's insects to find the thieves.
Akamaru had stayed at the leaf Village to help train a new squadron of ninja hounds how to behave and act.
"I'm losing the scent." Called Kiba to the group following in the treetops.
"Damnit I've lost them!"
"Its ok we can still use the bugs to track them down." Replied Shino in a neutral tone.
"Its not that Im supposed to be the best tracking ninja in the village and Ive lost them." Replied kiba angrilly.
The group stopped and dropped to the forest floor.
"Its ok Kiba" Said Shikimaru.
"I may still be able to redeem my title. I have this new animal jutstu that I've been working on."
"Cool show us." Said Naruto hastily.
"The jutst makes me more like a dog then ever before, meaning that it will make my sences 10 times sharper, I will act and think like a dog. The jutsu lasts for around 30 minutes so we should be able to get them by then." Kiba looked at everyone with a determined face.
"Alright here goes."
Kiba made the apropriate hand signs and called out.
"Super canine incarnation jutsu!"
A puff of smoke came from around Kiba.
When it cleared he was on all fours and sniffing the ground, he lunged out and ran into the bush on all fours.
Everyone ran after him.
"Wow this new jutsu may actualy work." Said Shikimaru in a suprised tone.
Finally they cought up to Kiba.
"Did he find them?" Said Naruto bringing up the rear.
"WHAT THE....?" Said Naruto looking at Kiba suprised.
He was standing on all fours and in his mouth he heald a ball, much like one used in sports.
He walked over to Naruto dropped the slobbery ball at his feet and sat down like a dog would, panting.
"Kiba?" Asked Naruto.
"Woof, woof!"
"Oh no his jutsu worked too well now he is exactly like a dog for at least a half hour, he is no use to us like this. Someone will have to stay with him while we wait for him to act human again and the other two will keep chasing down the thieves." Said Shikimaru anoyed.
"Naruto can stay with him." Said Shino. "And before you ask why, its because Shikimaru is the team leader and I am the only one still capable of tracking the thieves. Plus he seems to have taken a liking to you Naruto." Finishing his monotone joke.
"Fine." Naruto said crossing his arms.
Shino and Shikimaro were off continuing their chase.
"Come on boy, guess we better find somewhere to wait."
"Ruff, ruff."
Naruto and Kiba found a nice big, shallow lake, surrounded by trees. Naruto sat under one of the trees and threw the ball for Kiba.
"Why did ya have to go and turn yourself into a dog? Dumbass."
He just got a happy, slobery "Ruff" as a reply.
"Stupid dog."
Naruto dosed off in the shade of the tree.
He woke up a few minutes later to find Kiba sitting next to him, covered in dirt and animal dropings.
Nuruto jumped back clutching his nose.
Kiba lowered his head to the ground and whimpered like a puppy, Looking at Naruto with giant eyes.
"Arg I guess we gotta wash you up before the other two get back, or before you turn back to normal."
Naruto lead Kiba to the lake side.
He took of his shirt and pants so that he was only in his green boxers. So he couldnt get his cloths wet.
Naruto told Kiba to sit.
He took off his smelly jacket and undershirt and washed them in the river using stones to wipe away all the fecal matter.
He lay the cloths on a rock directly in the sunlight.
"Now for your pants. Boy this is gonna be wierd."
Naruto Gently pushed Kiba onto his back, he put his legs up in the air like a dog notioning for its stomuch to be rubbed.
He used this to his advantage quickly pulling of his shoes, he thre them near the rock.
Naruto them pulled down his pants only to discover that Kiba didnt wear underwear.
"Oh great" Naruto said sarcasticaly rolling his eyes.
He washed his pants as Kiba played in the water and put them over the rock.
"Alright now we have to wash you I guess, you still smell."
Naruto took some leaves from the trees and mushed them up mixing them with the water and making natural soap.
He held down Kiba, with his tung hanging out of the side of his mouth.
He washed Kiba's back and then under his arms, his legs and then looking away and being carefull washed aroung his groin area.
"There, all done, you dont smell anymore."
"WOOF!" Kiba barked happily and headbutted Naruto making him fall over into the water.
"ARG Stupid dog! now I have to take of my boxers, thankfully I took my pants off before I got into the water, and I can use my shirt as a towel.
Naruto walked over to his cloths with the still naked Kiba following him on all fours.
Kiba sat behind Naruto watching him.
He bent over pulling down his boxers exposing his arse to Kiba.
He threw them asside and used his black shirt to dry himself off. First his hair, then his upper body, his groin and arse. All while the puzzled dog began to get a red rocket.
Naruto bent over to dry his legs and feet when Kiba "the dog" lashed forward, no longer containing his doggy inhabitions.
His hands wrapped around Naruto's stomoch and he stood on his hind legs and stuck his penis deep into Naruto's hole fucking him.
Naruto was shocked.
"What the hell!?"
He spn around pushing Kiba away from him. Kiba landed back on all fours with his tung hanging out.
Naruto looked down and saw his raging hard-on.
Kiba lay down and rolled onto his back showing his belly to Naruto, notioning him to scratch it.
Naruto angered and shocked thought to himself that it was just the dog instincts and that it was not what it seemed. So he moved forward and sat next to Kiba.
He began scratching Kiba's stomoch moving across his hard abs.
It made his leg kick just like a real dog.
Naruto gigled looking at his leg, and his smiling dog like face.
Naruto then looked back down at Kiba's stomoch and noticed that his hard on hadnt gone down yet but was instead growing by the shaking of his leg.
Naruto was lost for a moment looking at Kiba's big uncut penis of 7 inches and his great big heary balls which hung down low.
Naruto then noticed himself getting hard.
Oh no.
he stopped scratching Kiba and moved back over to the cover of the tree.
"It would be bad if someone saw us. I better get rid of mine so we can get dressed again."
Naruto began stroking his 6 incher and fonding his balls.
Kiba rolled back onto his legs looking at the boy pounding his meat.
He came closer sniffing Naruto's penis.
He then looked at Naruto's balls jumping up and down.
Naruto then shot his load onto the grass. Panting he slid down onto his bottum with his eyes closed and his hands to his sides.
Next thing her knew Kiba's tung began lapping up the sperm left on naruto's sensative penis.
"Arg. ha, he gasped. Thats good"
Wihtout noticing he became erect once more.
"Oh no. Damn it. "He tried to push Kiba away but only missed and bumped Kiba's penis.
Kiba jerked back and moaned softly.
"I know if I can get Kiba off then he will leave me alone."
He leaned around Kiba laping at his cock and grabbed Kiba's Penis.
He moaned again, Naruto continued to stroke it.
"You like that dont you?"
He cradled his big egg sized balls in his hands while he stroke Kiba.
In responce Kiba completely swollowed up Naruto's penis taking it all in and deep throwting it.
"Ahhh. Good Boy." He moaned.
Eventualy Naruto exploded into Kiba's mouth and Kiba blew his load.
They both lay down next to eachother panting.
Naruto got a nice good look at Kiba's jeweles for the first time.
It was really hairy and very big, his eggsized balls hung down low and his penis drapped across them.
"Wow he has a really nice dick." Naruto thought to himself.
I hope mine will grow ito a moster like that.
O well we better get dressed.
Naruto washed his hands, his penis and Kibas penis and put on Kiba's and his own cloths.
Just in time too. Kiba snapped out of it five minutes after he got dressed.
"What the hell just happened? Did I black out?"
"o you used your animal jutsu and u have bee actig like a dog for the laft half hour."
"Damn it! I thought that I perfected it, I will have to trai some more."
"I can help you when you train with this technique." Said Naruto giggling.
"Sure I could use all the help with this jutsu."
"We better head back to the Leaf Village, I wonder if the other two got the thieves.?" Said Naruto.
"Yer we better head you smell.... sper... ever mind, I must be imagioning things."
And with that the two headed back to the hidden leaf village.
Naruto kept giggleing the whole way.

To Be Continued.

I like this story and want to see where it goes mabie something will happen while training :P


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